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Pro Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

Thinking it’s just about time to give your windows a good cleaning? If you’re ready to get your windows back to their streak-free glory, you have a few options you can select from. You can either give your local commercial window cleaning fairfield nj pros a call to make your windows shine again, or you can choose the DIY path and clean them yourself if you have the supplies.

If you decide you’d like to clean them yourself, you should ensure you have a squeegee, a bucket of water, and a window spray to get the job done. You’ll feel proud of yourself when you’re finished giving your windows a thorough cleaning!

Try to find a nice, overcast day to work on.

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Working on window cleaning during a day where the sun is glaring down on you is a good way to get streaks on the windows. This is because the spray dries right onto the window in the heat. Working on a cloudy day will ensure you have plenty of time to wipe the windows down before they begin to streak.

Make sure you get any dirt off the windows before you begin cleaning.

Before you begin, you should try to remove any dirt from windows so it doesn’t get mixed up with your cleaning spray. To make this part of the job go even quicker, consider using a vacuum!

Get your spray and squeegee ready.

When the windows are free of dirt and other debris, you’re ready to spray and wipe them down. With a wet squeegee and spray bottle in hand, begin to spray the windows down, and then wipe them down with your squeegee. Make sure you wipe the windows down thoroughly so they won’t streak.

Enjoy your shiny new windows.

That’s about it! Cleaning your windows can be a relatively simple task if you have the necessary gear and some spare time. Once you’re all finished, you can enjoy looking out of a clear, shiny window once again.

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