Kevin McCloud beats Roger Saul during Start Eco Car Trials to launch HRH Prince of Wales ‘Start Eco Car Spectacular’ at Kilver Court in aid of The Prince’s Charities and Bottle Top

Start is the creation of HRH The Prince of Wales to help people across the UK lead more sustainable lives. Start aims to demonstrate what a more energy efficient, cleaner and healthier future could look like and how each individual can make a start…
Roger Saul with the Think and Kevin McCloud with the Tesla
On Friday 18 June 2010, Roger Saul, the creator of British Fashion Brand Mulberry, now turned Eco Champion with his organic ‘Field to Fork’ spelt brand Sharpham Park, and Channel 4 TV presenter and environmental designer Kevin McCloud launched the Start Eco Car Spectacular, which is to take place in London in September, with a series of Eco Car Trials across Roger’s private viaduct at Kilver Court in Somerset.

Kevin McCloud and Roger Saul with their cars

Roger and Kevin trialed two of the future eco car stars of the Start Eco Car Spectacular ‐ the Californian Tesla Roadster super car and the Norwegian THINK Electric Car timed by official timekeeper TAG HEUER, supported by the EV Cup, Shell and powered by Good Energy 100% renewable electricity.

The two friends, both known for their competitive nature are both avid speed merchants. Roger has recorded the fastest time of the day at Brighton Speed Trials in his 1934 Alfa P3, but has reluctantly given up car racing as it conflicts with his eco credentials. Whilst Kevin, a great skier, created havoc on the Top Gear leader board by scoring remarkably in the Top Gear ‘Fastest Lap’ chart.

Roger achieved a top time of 13.95 seconds over 200 meters in the THINK Electric Car, whilst Kevin achieved 13.80 seconds, hitting around 60 mph. In comparison, whilst driving the Tesla Roadster Roger scored 8.44 seconds, compared to Kevin who managed to cross the bridge in 8.27 seconds at nearly 100mph ‐ making Kevin McCloud the overall champion for the first round of the Start Eco Car Trials!

After the speed trials, Roger Saul commented “It was a real eye opener. The sheer speed of the Tesla with seemingly just a ‘whoosh of air’ was breath taking; it was like driving a space ship. And the THINK is so far ahead of its peer group in development terms as a runabout that we can expect to see it on the road in 2010. What impressed me most about the two eco cars that we tested was just how far battery technology has come. There is no doubt that it will be the next step in the automotive power train.”

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director of EV Cup stated, “We are very pleased with the first START Eco Car Trial. Roger and Kevin proved to be very entertaining as well as talented drivers! We are delighted that they have chosen to support the introduction of green cars and we aim to provide more exciting electric race cars for future events, leading to the EV Cup races next year.”
The Start Eco Car Spectacular will take place on Sunday 12 September on The Mall and will be curated by Roger Saul, forming part of HRH The Prince of Wales’ latest consumer‐facing sustainability initiative ‘Start’, which aims to present positive steps to leading a sustainable lifestyle. Open to the public, the Start Eco Car Spectacular will feature an array of environmental motoring solutions within a spectacular showcase event along one of the most famous streets in the world.

The next challenge to face the Start Eco Car team will be an Eco Rally from Brighton to London on 7 July 2010, when Kevin and Roger will go head to head again, this time in an attempt to see who can get to the finish line with most charge left in their cars.

Tag Heuer are official timers for Start EcoCars

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