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Club Level Management Important

Club level management at any level is very important. It is usual for interested and proactive members at any one meeting to attend their clubs’ annual general meetings (AGMs). Let’s just say that all members in attendance at these important meetings club together to elect new representatives to represent their clubs’ interests at all levels. Those that are elected are usually upstanding members of their local communities. Apart from their golfing talents, they usually bring a host of professional skills to the table as well.

And furthermore, those that are elected usually have strong leadership credentials. Sadly, politics tends to stand in the way of astute leadership, even within the amateur ranks. Which brings this short but important online letter to beg this important question. Is it enough? Evidently not. It is clear as daylight that professionally-oriented club management is required. You now have to wonder whether the most suitable members of society have been elected to these important (club) board committees.

You have to ask whether these (elected) members have the best interests of their clubs at heart. Or whether they are simply investing in their own vested interests. These, and quite possibly more, are thorny questions. What to do about this is the big question? Well, not to rock the boat of your local institutions, there are any number of (peaceful) means that could be utilised to reverse these ongoing rates of stagnancy. Concerned club members could ‘club’ together and call for a vote of no confidence.

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If that fails them, as it could, they could always report the malignancies to the higher bodies that govern the sport within their counties, state or regions. And needless to say that with sufficient funds raised to support this initiative, professional management should surely be sought.

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